Tranzportations Weekly Shows

Tranzportations Part 120
Guest Mix by Gradual


1. The Universe is Sound by Pspiralife & Ryanosaurus
2. Darkness Feels Good by Pspiralife
3. Spewage by Ryanosaurs
4. Planetary Activation by Smoke Sign
5. The Zero Theorem by Evil Oil Man
6. Peter Pan Syndrome by Millivolt
7. Don't Give a fuck by Legacy
8. Intentions by Mecca
9. Alterations by Bushmech
10. Theta State by Tomple2oon
11. The Sign by Smoke Sign
12. Big Fat Lyre by pspiralife & Hellquist
13. You Name It by Bushmech
14. Systematic Sequence (Legacy Remix) by One tasty Morsel
15. The Sacred Mountain by Pspiralife
16. Widening the Spectrum by Tomple2oon
17. The Cave is Alive with the sound of Aliens by Tomple2oon
18. Machinery by Smoke Sign Rmx
19. Sion by San and Tac VS Electrypnose
20. Eye Contact by Smilk
21. Get Your Wide On by One tasty Morsel
22. Complex Situational Limitations by One Tasty Morsel
23. Space Between by Bellatrixx
24. Blue Cheeseburgers by Legacy
25. Illustrate by Bellatrixx
26. The Middle Way by Pspiralife
27. Stomping Ground (Smoke Sign Rmx) by Ace Ventura